Our Process

Step 1: Select Your Countertop

Select Your Material

Top Advantage offers a wide range of countertop materials to choose from. Most of our customers choose between the four more popular kinds of countertops. These include Cambria (quartz), granite, solid surface, and laminate. If you need help choosing, you can visit our countertop comparison page, or stop by our office to make your selection in our showroom.

Select Your Color

Depending on what material you choose, you will be able to select among the many various colors offered for that specific material.


Once you have your material, color selected, we will generate a quote for you based on the size of your Job. This is usually done within a day.

Step 2: The Template

We Stop By

Before your countertops are fabricated in the shop, a template — or pattern — of the kitchen or bath layout is made in your home. Modern technology allows us to create a digital footprint of your future countertop, without going through the hassle of removing the existing tops days before the final installation.


Please remove all items from the countertop surface.

Template Information

It usually takes about an hour to digitally record the dimensions of the existing countertop. You don’t need to be present, however. Please make sure all pets are put up securely and that you commuinicate explicitly how the template technician should lock your home when he is ready to leave.



Step 3: Fabrication

We Build It

All our tops are machined with state of the art CNC equipment. The information we get in your home is transferred digitally to the actual cutting tools, which means a high degree of accuracy.

If back walls are crooked or out of square, our tools will follow and duplicate the exact conditions and dimensions.



Step 4: Installation

We Stop By Again

Upon completion of fabrication, your new countertops are scheduled for delivery to your home. Installation time depends on the size of your project, and whatever “unknowns” we may encounter. As a general rule, we try to complete all residential installations in just one day.


To prepare for our installation, please follow these instructions:

  • Completely clear the existing countertops of all items.
  • Make sure there is an unobstructed path from the outside to your kitchen or bathroom. Countertop materials are heavy!
  • Put up pets and keep small children away from the installation.
  • Clean out the base cabinets of all items and store them in a safe place away from the installation area.