Cambria Quartz

Our #1 Choice

As far as we’re concerned, you can’t do any better than choosing Cambria for your kitchen or bathroom. Given the vast number of color options and the fact that it’s maintenance free, Cambria is the obvious choice for many of our customers.

Us & Them

Top Advantage was one of the first companies to offer Cambria countertops in the Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Market. We have a lot of experience installing Cambria countertops in both residential and commercial situations.

Natural Stone

From the Earth

Natural stone products include granite and marble. These offer the entire spectrum of high end to low end granite.


Granite has a reputation as a high end and sophisticated product. The material itself is nearly as hard as diamond, making it ideal as a scratch resistant countertop. There are several drawbacks, however, including it’s maintenance and difficulty of repair.

Solid Surface


Solid surface is a man-made, synthetic product that offers a wide variety of colors and patterns. It’s unique nature allows it to be installed without showing any seams on the countertop itself or on the sink.

A Specialty of Ours

Top advantage started as a solid surface fabricator, before expanding our product line. As such, we have years and years of experience in producing and installing solid surface.


Well, It’s Cheap

While laminate doesn’t have the high end look and feel of Cambria or granite, it does have a major thing going for it, and that’s price. Ease of manufacture and fabrication make it a more affordable countertop option.

Many Designs

Another thing laminate offers is an almost unlimited palette of colors and patterns, giving you a very wide range of options when selecting your countertop.