Countertop Replacement

We replace countertops in just one day.

Swap-A-Top: One Day Countertop Replacement

Imagine coming home from work and your countertops have been magically swapped out for new ones. That’s what is possible with our one day countertop replacement program. It is a complete, one-day, onsite service.

What’s Included:

  • Removal/Tear our of existing countertops
  • Disposal of debris
  • Plumbing disconnect
  • Plumbing reconnect
  • Reconnect anything under your sink (does not include plumbing behind the wall)
  • Shut offs if needed
  • Stainless steel strainer baskets
  • Install of new or old garbage disposal
  • Reconnect existing RO or Insta-hot
  • Hook up of new or existing cooktop gas to gas OR electric to electric
  • Clean up of project site
  • Scribe mold if needed
  • Appliance garages may need scribe mold or modified
  • Removal of first row of tile (if needed). Full height splash removal is an additional cost.
  • Existing disposal ring is used for old garbage disposals

What’s Not Included:

  • New RO System Hookups (We will re-hook existing)
  • New Insta-hot hookups. (We will re-hook existing)
  • New Dishwashers. (We will re-hook existing)
  • Hookup of down drafts
  • Moving or setting cabinets
Countertop Replacement in One Day Ohio Cleveland Canton Akron Columbus Pittsburgh
Countertop Replacement in One Day Ohio Cleveland Canton Akron Columbus Pittsburgh

Eat breakfast on your old countertops. Eat dinner on your new ones.

One Day Countertop Replacement Overview Video

How It Works: The Countertop Replacement Process

Step 1: Get a Quote

Email or fax to our main office location (Jessica/Nicole). You can also get a quote online by filling out this form.

Main Office:
Phone: 330-877-2138
Fax: 330-877-4439

Step 2: Place the Order

Sign off on quote, provide job address and use either single room or multiple room form to finalize all selections.

Step 3: Digital Template

Top Advantage schedules a template of cabinetry for new countertops.

*Please refer to template checklist to confirm that job is ready to be scheduled.

**Lead time is approximately 1 week.

Step 4: Confirmations

Top Advantage will send CAD/Order confirmation.

All details/selections must be agreed to and finalized.

Step 5: Order Goes Into Production

Fabrication process begins according to confirmation.

Step 6: Installation by Top Advantage

TAS certified installation crew installs new countertops.

Lead time approsimately 2.5-3 weeks from template.

Countertop Replacement: By The Numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select my countertop?

Call us at 330-877-2138 to set up an appointment with one of our design specialists. Depending on your location, we will schedule an appointment at a showroom that’s most convenient for you.

What products are available for countertop replacement?

We can generally do any countertop, but the countertops we use the most are Cambria (Quartz), Granite, Solid Surface (Corian), Laminate, and Concrete countertops. If you’re not sure which kind of countertop you’re looking for, we can help you figure it out.

How do I prepare for countertop installation.

Remove all items from the top of your countertops and underneath the sink. Clear a walkway for our installers to get from the front door (or closest door) to your kitchen. 

How Long Is The Countertop Replacement Process?

From your initial contact with us, the entire process from selection to template and installation takes about 1 month.

Do you offer a warranty on countertop replacement?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all seams. Most of our products are warrantied, but the details vary from product to product. For example, Cambria comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and seams, while the warranty for Solid Surface varies depending on the manufacturer.

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