Frequently Asked Questions

Countertop Replacement FAQ

How do I select my countertop?

 Depending on your location, we will schedule an appointment at a showroom that’s most convenient for you. You will be able to view slabs that are on display. 

What products are available for countertop replacement?

We can generally do any countertop, but the countertops we most frequently replace are Cambria (Quartz), Granite, and Solid Surface. If you’re not sure which kind of countertop you’re looking for, we can help you figure it out.

How do I prepare for countertop installation.

Remove all items from the top of your countertops and underneath the sink. Clear a walkway for our installers to get from the front door (or closest door) to your kitchen. 

How Long Is The Countertop Replacement Process?

From your initial contact with us, the entire process from selection to template and installation can vary from three weeks to three months. The length of the process will vary depending on available selections at time of order, lead times of materials, responsiveness of communication, etc.

Do you offer a warranty on countertop replacement?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all seams. Most of our products are warrantied, but the details vary from product to product. For example, Cambria comes with a lifetime warranty on materials (direct through Cambria) and seams, while the warranty for Solid Surface varies depending on the manufacturer.

Commercial Countertop FAQ

What do you charge for commercial countertops?

This depends a lot on the material used, the design, the size of the order, and the distance we have to travel.

What if my commercial countertop location isn’t included on your map?

We have been to 15 states and are always looking to expand our range. If you’ve got a commercial countertop project and you’re located east of the Mississippi river, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can work something out. 

What products are available for commercial countertops?

For commercial projects we offer Cambria (quartz), Granite & natural stone products, and solid surface.

What’s the main advantage to choosing Top Advantage for commercial countertops?

Simply put, we eliminate headaches. Many commercial builders turn to us after they have gotten burned one too many times by simply chasing the lowest price. 

Does your installation crew stay overnight?

For most big projects that aren’t located in the Northeast Ohio area, where we’re headquartered, our installers will work long days and stay overnight to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Can you provide references for past commercial countertop work?

Absolutely. We’d be happy to put you in touch with our commercial customers to hear what they have to say about us.